About Albany Park Ride & Fly:

Active, dues-paying PEF members and PEF retirees can purchase Albany Park, Ride & Fly tickets through the PEF Membership Benefits Program (secure parking facility with shuttle service to the Albany International Airport). Each ticket is good for one, 24 hour period (no minimum stay required). No reservation is required when you purchase your tickets through the PEF Membership Benefits Program.

Located at: 264 Wolf Road Ext., Latham, NY 12110 • (518) 869-8200

1-Day ticket is valid for one (1), 24-hour period
3-Day ticket is valid for three (3) consecutive 24-hour periods
5-Day ticket is valid for five (5) consecutive 24-hour periods
7-Day ticket is valid for seven (7) consecutive 24-hour periods
9-Day ticket is valid for nine (9) consecutive 24-hour periods

  • PEF MBP price: $6.30 per 24-hour period
  • Regular rate without a reservation: $10.51 (savings of 40%)
  • Regular rate with a reservation: $9.19 (savings of 31%)


Your ticket purchase includes:

  • “Curb-to-curb” service and assistance with your luggage.
  • Shuttle service to the airport terminal—it’s quick, easy, and comfortable.
  • Upon your return—call them, toll-free, with your return information and a shuttle will be waiting for you at the terminal to help with your luggage and take you back to your car.
  • Your car will be ready to go—no snow on the windshield, warmed up in the winter/cooled down in the summer.
Learn more about Albany Park Ride & Fly and their 10% discount available at many other airports.

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