Request a new PEF ID card


When you join PEF, you submit a PEF Membership Application and dues Payroll Deduction Authorization Form. Once that form is processed you will receive a PEF Membership Identification card with a  7-digit Member Identification number.
You will use your 7-digit MIN to:
• Access certain information on the PEF website
• Receive discounts and promotional offers available through the Membership Benefits Program

Keep an eye out for your new card. It may take several weeks to receive your card, when
you receive your card, keep it in a safe place—and store your 7-digit MIN in your mobile
phone for easy access and safe keeping. To check on the status of a NEW card please call
(800) 342-4306, ext. 243. To request a replacement card (for existing members) complete and submit the form below.

  • Your PEF ID is also known as your Membership Identification Number (MIN).
Please allow up to four weeks for your membership card to be processed and sent via standard mail.