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As a state employee and member of the PS&T Unit, you have the opportunity to join the Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO, the union representing PS&T Unit employees with respect to salaries, benefits, job protection, and much more.

Join the Public Employees Federation as a dues-paying PEF member, by completing the PEF Membership Application & Dues Payroll Deduction Authorization to:

  • Be represented by PEF regarding workplace issues, such as:
    • Negotiating a contract that secures respectful salary advances and protects other hard-fought terms and conditions of employment
    • Protecting merit and fitness in hiring under Civil Service Law – as well as the many other such rights that state workers take for granted
    • Protecting your pension rights under the law, and the “shall not be diminished” language in the State Constitution
    • Fighting the contracting out and de-institutionalizing of your work
    • Filing grievances when management abuses its power
  • Participate in contract ratification and other union matters.
  • Take advantage of PEF’s unified voice in New York State government and federal political arenas.
  • Run for PEF office.
  • Take advantage of offers through PEF Membership Benefits Program including:
    • Valuable insurance protection (Long-Term and Short-Term Disability, Group Term Life, Cancer Care Insurance, Accident Indemnity Insurance, and more) for you and your family.
      • Public sector employees do not receive disability benefits and PEF MBP offers coverage at discounted rates for PEF members.
    • Free financial planning & credit counseling services to ensure you are on the right path to a financially secure future.
    • Free online associate degree or certificate for you and your family members.
    • Legal defense for PEF members charged with a crime committed while working, during the course of employment in a PS&T unit position.
    • Voluntary Legal Service Plan with unlimited toll-free legal advice, creation of a free Simple Will, two (2), one-hour, free initial office consultations, guaranteed discounts on major legal matters, Elder Law services, and more.
    • Justice Center benefit provided by the Justice Center for Protection of People with Special Needs — to provide investigative services for PEF members who are the subject of a report alleging acts of serious abuse or neglect.
    • Discharge of Official Weapon benefit protecting members subject to a criminal investigation as a direct result of the discharge of their official, employer-issued weapon, while acting in the scope of his or her job duties.
    • Assault, Trauma & Captivity Coverage insuring the trauma associated with a criminal assault or captive situation, while the member is pursing his or her occupational duties.
    • Exam fee reimbursement for both NYS Open Competitive Exams and Promotional Exams.
    • Travel services & rebates provided by travel consultants with over 75 years of combined experience and expertise to share.
    • Everyday discounts on movie tickets, ski tickets, theme parks, water parks, sporting events, performing arts, attractions, as well as retail and restaurant gift cards.

Learn more about PEF Membership Benefits Program.

Join PEF today and feel confident and secure knowing your dues are working hard for you — protecting your salary, benefits, job, and the ability to maintain good, middle class jobs and strong families in our communities.

A union’s strength comes from the unity and integrity of its members. The more PEF members the union has, the more power the union has to fight for the benefits you deserve and what others don’t have.

A new contract will be negotiated in 2019 — the more members we have fighting for what we deserve and believe in, the better the contract will be for all!


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