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As a State employee, you have a choice to make.

1) Become a PEF Member by completing a simple PEF Membership Application and pay annual dues to:

  • Be represented by PEF regarding workplace issues, such as:
    • Negotiating a contract that secures respectful salary advances and protects other hard-fought terms and conditions of employment
    • Protecting merit and fitness in hiring under Civil Service Law – as well as the many other such rights that state workers take for granted
    • Protecting your pension rights under the law, and the “shall not be diminished” language in the State Constitution
    • Fighting the contracting out and de-institutionalizing of your work
    • Filing grievances when management abuses its power
  • Participate in contract ratification and other union matters.
  • Take advantage of PEF’s unified voice in New York State government and federal political arenas.
  • Run for PEF office.
  • Take advantage of PEF’s Membership Benefits Program including:
    • Insurance protection
    • Legal benefits
    • Financial planning & credit counseling services
    • Travel services & rebates
    • Everyday discounts on movie tickets, theme parks, water parks, sporting events, performing arts, ski resorts, attractions, and retail and restaurant gift cards.

2) Or, remain an agency fee payer, paying an agency fee to cover the cost of PEF representation regarding workplace issues. However, as an agency fee payer, you are not able to take advantage of any of the other benefits noted above and provided by the PEF Membership Benefits Program.

PEF membership dues and your agency fees are the same amount. Why not take advantage of so much more that PEF has to offer you? Become a member today!

A union’s strength comes from the unity and integrity of its members.


Not sure if you’re a member?

  1. Look on your pay stub and if it says, “PEF Non-Member A/S” you are not a PEF member.
  2. Or, call PEF Membership Benefits Program at (800) 342-4306 or (518) 785-1900, ext. 243, to find out.
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