MBP Mission

The PEF Membership Benefits Program (MBP) mission is to serve active, dues-paying PEF members in a PS&T represented position and PEF retirees, with a wide variety of statewide and regional benefits and discount programs. PEF members take advantage of, and enjoy, the PEF Membership Benefits Program for it’s many benefits including: insurance protection, legal services, financial planning, and travel services, as well as, discounted tickets for movie theaters, water/theme parks, sporting events, performing arts, and much more! PEF MBP program options are continuously evaluated with member surveys. This feedback plays an important role in proposing new benefits.

Please note: PEF union dues are never used to fund the operations of the program or any of the benefits offered. The Trust is funded by administrative fees collected from insurance program offerings and monies earned from investments.

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Membership Benefits Trust:

The PEF Membership Benefits Program Trust is a separate entity from the Union and is governed by the PEF Membership Benefits Program Board of Trustees:

Stephanie McLean-Beathley, Chair

Barbara Corse-Johnson

Penny Howansky

Wayne Spence

Kay Alison Wilkie 


Trustees appoint an Administrator to oversee the daily operations of the Trust.

PEF MBP Administrator

Scott T. Harms