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According to the Federal Trade Commission’s 2016 Annual Summary of Consumer Complaints, the number of consumers who reported that their data was used for credit card fraud, rose from nearly 16% in 2015 to more than 32% in 2016.1

The total number of fraud victims remained steady at 13.1 million (the 2nd highest level in 6 years) and the total amount of fraud fell slightly to $15 billion, the lowest point in the past 16 years. Identity fraud is a serious issue as fraudsters have stolen $112 billion in the past 6 years.2

Membership Benefits Program provides a number of resources for Identity Theft Protection.

Liberty Mutual

Your identity is your life. Protect yours for as little as 7 cents a day. Liberty Mutual realizes that it’s not just your finances that are in jeopardy. With the Liberty Mutual Fraud Expense Coverage, which can be added to your home, condo, or renters policy, Liberty Mutual will reimburse expenses and provide a counselor to help you recover the identity you’ve worked a lifetime to build. They also provide a year of credit monitoring to help ensure it doesn’t happen again… Learn more.

MetLife Auto & Home’s Suite of Identity Protection Services Protection at Every Life Stage

Of all your assets, your identity is probably the most important—and the most vulnerable. Your identity is needed to help you secure credit, apply for mortgages, and open bank accounts. It can also affect the rates you pay for loans and interest rates you’re offered for credit cards. If your identity is compromised, the impact can be severe… Learn more.

Legal Plan

Just $78 per year, or $3 per pay period (26 pay periods) for active PEF members or $6.50 per pension deduction period (12 weeks) for PEF retirees. The National Legal Office will provide advice to covered individuals on the Federal laws governing identity theft and will offer covered individuals comprehensive advice on how best to avoid having their identity stolen. Details for Active members.

12015 Top Consumer Complaints, Federal Trade Commission, March 2016.
2Javelin Strategy & Research, 2015 Identity Fraud Survey Report.

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