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Plan Your Financial Future Today

Getting an annual financial tune-up, utilizing the financial planning benefit made available to you through the PEF Membership Benefits Program, is something every PEF member and retiree should take advantage of. Your membership provides this at no cost to you when you use the services of our partners, Stacey Braun Associates and Clearpoint.

As part of your free, one hour, personal consultation and comprehensive financial overview, a Stacey Braun Associates’ Certified Financial Planner® or Registered Investment Advisor will review your financial status. No investment or insurance products are sold – you receive free financial advise only. Depending upon your unique situation, the planner might recommend that you speak to a credit counseling expert as well. This benefit is made available through Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions and includes a confidential discussion with a Clearpoint Certified Credit Counselor who can provide advice and guidance regarding financial hardship.

The chart below depicts how credit counseling fits within the total financial planning and education benefit for PEF members and retirees.

Step 1
FREE overview of your financial picture Symptoms of financial crisis*
Stacey Braun OR clearpoint
Step 2
Establish financial goals/action plan
to reach goals
Immediate debt counseling
Stacey Braun OR clearpoint
Note: Credit counseling sessions are free to represented PEF Members and Retirees, but if you enter into a debt repayment plan with Clearpoint, then monthly fees will be applied

Benefits of financial planning

Financial planning will help you:

  • Define your financial goals
  • Determine if goals are realistic, especially for your timeline
  • Bring your spending in line with your goals
  • Discover any financial mistakes you might be making
  • Measure progress on your goals
  • Find new ways to maximize your money
  • Identify risks you hadn’t thought of
  • Become more financially confident
  • Live more comfortably
  • Build more wealth

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How do I get started? 

  • Set up your appointment for your free, annual, one hour, personal consultation by:
    1. Calling toll-free (888) 949-1925,
    2. Emailing moc.n1531889004uarby1531889004ecats1531889004@ofni1531889004
    3. Or by visiting and use the following log-in and password:
      Log-in: nypef
      Password: finance
  • Participate in your one hour confidential review (Significant others and immediate family members  are welcome to attend.)
  • Take advantage of unlimited access to Stacey Braun Associate’s website resources, email helpdesk, and toll-free (888) 949-1925 access for answers to any financial questions you may have.

Financial Planning Topics Covered:

  • Retirement
  • Debt Management/Budgeting
  • Investment Planning (i.e., deferred compensation)
  • Estate Planning
  • Elder Care Analysis
  • Education Funding (529 plans, student loans)
  • Life, Disability, Long Term Care Insurance
  • Financial “second opinion”
  • Any other financial topic desired

Financial education for groups:

Financial education seminars are available for groups. All seminars are conducted by a Stacey Braun Certified Financial Planner* or Registered Investment Advisor. No investment or insurance products are sold during these seminars. To arrange for an educational seminar, PEF Division Leaders should contact PEF Membership Benefits Program at .gro.1531889004fep@s1531889004tseuq1531889004erbew1531889004bm1531889004 Topics available include:

  • From Hired to Retired
  • Debt Management
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Financial Planning for New Members
  • Financial Planning 101
  • Saving & Paying for Higher Education
  • Basics of Investing
  • Basic Guide to Income Tax
  • Know Your Financial Advisor
  • Topical Seminars – customized seminar topics

Who is Stacey Braun Associates and Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions?

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