Voluntary Legal Service Plan

Voluntary Legal Service Plan for PEF Members and PEF Retirees


PEF Membership Benefits Program provides active, dues-paying members and retiree members with a Voluntary Legal Service Plan at an affordable annual fee that can be paid for bi-monthly or monthly (see plan costs) or by a single payment. The Plan also provides savings you receive through fees that have maximum caps. The Voluntary Legal Service Plan is a benefit members and retirees can use for every day matters. Lawyers are not just for emergencies, they are there to help you make informed decisions about a variety of personal matters throughout your life. That is why the investment in a legal service plan is a good decision for most. A legal service plan provides you with reliable advice from a powerful team of legal experts at substantially reduced rates.

The Voluntary Legal Service Plan is your legal team for many personal matters such as:

Estate Planning, including one (1) Free Simple Will per year, (1) one free Health Care Proxy, one (1) free Power of Attorney, and one (1) free Living Will per year

Family Matters, such as marriage, separation, divorce, and child support

Financial Issues, including real estate, refinancing a mortgage, personal bankruptcy

Other matters, such as a traffic violation, misdemeanor, name change, and driving while intoxicated

Individuals Covered by the Plan:

Once a PEF member or retiree member purchases the Legal Service Plan, the following individuals are covered:

  • The PEF member/retiree and his/her spouse or domestic partner who is living with the covered individual.
  • The PEF member’s/retiree’s unmarried dependent children or domestic partner’s unmarried children (including stepchildren and legally adopted children) under the age of nineteen (19) years or under the age of twenty-five (25) years if they are wholly dependent upon the covered individual for support and maintenance and are enrolled as full-time student in an educational institution.
  • The PEF member’s/retiree’s parents, provided the parents are wholly dependent upon the covered participant for their own support and maintenance and reside with the covered individual.

Special Assistance for Families of COVID-19 Victims: 

If a PEF member who participates in the Legal Service Plan tragically passes away due to COVID-19, Feldman, Kramer and Monaco will extend free legal services to their loved ones.

Services include:

Free guidance and assistance regarding the PEF member’s estate, if uncontested, including:

  • Questions in connection with marshaling assets
  • Obtaining a death certificate
  • Locating family members
  • Reviewing beneficiary forms
  • Filing the necessary documentation with the applicable probate court
  • Accessing a safety deposit box
  • Car title issues
  • Redirecting mail

Offering direction to the member’s family regarding the next steps to take, such as:

  • Transferring of assets
  • Contacting financial institutions
  • Free estate administration (probate) when needed
  • Most importantly, they will provide a compassionate sounding board for the family

To access these special COVID-19 services, contact Christine Cavanagh at (631) 231-1450, ext. 264.

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Voluntary Legal Service Plan Costs:

PEF members and PEF retirees may purchase the plan via a direct pay option or payroll/pension deduction option.

Direct Pay Plan Cost: $78 per year (for members and retirees)

PEF Member Payroll Deduction Plan Cost: $3 per pay period (26 pay periods)

PEF Retiree Pension Deduction Plan Cost: $6.50 per pension deduction period (12 periods)

Available Riders:

30-Day Free-Look Period:

If you are not completely satisfied after reviewing your Legal Plan Certificate of Coverage, you may cancel your plan for a full refund within 30 days of purchase by contracting PEF Membership Benefits Program, 10 Airline Drive, Suite 101, Albany, NY 12205, (800) 342-4306, ext. 243. This is a risk free plan.

To Purchase the Voluntary Legal Service Plan by Visa, MasterCard or Discover:

  1. Purchase online via the button below


2. Or, call (800) 342-4306, ext. 243, Option 1, to purchase by credit card over the phone.

You may also purchase your riders of choice online by credit card. Simply click the product rider links above or call (800) 342-4306, ext. 243, Option 1.

You must purchase the Voluntary Legal Service Plan before you can purchase any one or all of the riders.  Or, you may purchase the Voluntary Legal Service Plan and riders of your choice at the same time.

To Purchase the Voluntary Legal Service Plan by Payroll/Pension Deduction, Check or Money Order:

Download the enrollment/payroll deduction form via the button below. You may enroll in the Voluntary Legal Service Plan via payroll/pension deduction and buy any rider of your choice via check or money order utilizing the same form. Mail your form along with your check or money order to PEF Membership Benefits Program, 10 Airline Drive, Suite 101, Albany, NY 12205. To purchase a rider by credit card after you purchase the Voluntary Legal Service Plan, click on the product links above or call (800) 342-4306, ext. 342, Option 1 to purchase by credit card over the phone.


Other Important Information About the Plan:

Declination by the National Legal Office or Participating Referral Attorney

Terms & Conditions

Voluntary Legal Plan Exclusions

Continuation of Coverage:

Any PEF member/retiree purchasing the Voluntary Legal Service Plan will be entitled to the Plan legal services for the effective term of the coverage. Upon termination of coverage, any specific representation in progress will be continued by the National Legal Office for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days from the date of such termination. Specific representation by a Participating Referral Attorney will continue to the conclusion of a specific matter already in progress and at the legal fees stipulated in the Certificate of Coverage for any case, item, matter, or service being performed.

Termination of Coverage:

A covered individual’s eligibility for legal services will terminate:

  • In the event that the annual renewal amount is not received by PEF MBP.
  • On the day following the expiration date for a covered participant’s Legal Plan coverage, if the covered individual ceases to continue to qualify (via repurchase or renewal) for participation in the Plan.

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