Discharge of Official Weapon Benefit


The Membership Benefits Program provides legal representation through Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C. for:

Discharge of Official Weapon

Who is Eligible?

PEF members who are subject to a criminal investigation as a direct result of the discharge of their official, employer-issued (or approved) weapon, while acting within the scope of his/her New York State employment duties.

Benefits Include:

1) Representation provided free of charge for up to 15 hours, from the initial contact until the completion of a presentation to the Grand Jury, if any, for members involved in connection with the discharge of their on-duty weapon.

2) Members must seek reimbursement of any reasonable attorney’s fees from the State of New York pursuant to Article 37 of the PEF/State of New York Collective Bargaining agreement and Public Officers Law Sec. 19. In addition, Members are required to reimburse PEF Membership Benefits Program if such attorneys’ fees are reimbursed.

Key Features:

  • Agency Shop Fee payers are NOT eligible for coverage.
  • Representation, if needed, is provided by an attorney from the member’s local area.
  • Telephone advice is available nationwide, 24-hours a day through the law firm of Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C., at (888) 830-8212.
  • When the 15 hours of covered benefit is exhausted, the PEF Member may agree to, privately, retain a participating attorney for services. Additional services will require a separate retainer agreement established between the attorney and the Covered Person/Member. Fees are based on a reduced hourly rate.


(888) 830-8212