Guaranteed Maximum Fees

The firm of Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C. provides legal services at these substantially reduced, guaranteed maximum rates:

*These benefits only cover representation of the Covered Participant. Covered dependents are not
covered under these 

Family & Marital Relations—Contested and Uncontested:
The Plan provides coverage only to the Participant at the discounted hourly rate in all stages of both contested and uncontested actions for divorce, separation, and annulment. This benefit also includes negotiation and preparation of separation agreements and property settlements. Moreover, the Plan covers actions and proceedings to enforce agreements and judgments that provide for alimony, child support, property rights, protective orders, custody, and visitation. The Plan’s attorneys will also represent you in connection with preparations of premarital contracts.

The Plan also covers representation of the Participant in support, family offense, custody, and paternity proceedings in Family Court. These benefits only cover representation of the Participant. Covered Dependents are not covered under these benefits.

Uncontested Estates—Probate:
In the event of the death of the Participant, Referral Attorney(s) shall extend a thirty percent (30%) reduction of fees to the estate of the Participant. The thirty percent (30%) reduction shall apply to the percentile contingencies (as applied to all assets that are included in the estate for estate tax purposes) set forth, for example, in the New York State Surrogates Court Procedure Act, Section 2307, for New York estates; or New Jersey Surrogates Act, Section 54:34-5C, for New Jersey estates; or the usual and customary fee of the Referral Attorney(s), whichever is less.

Personal Injury Cases:
Contingency fee cases* arising out of negligence, breach of warranty, or products liability, and accepted on a contingent fee basis by a Participating Referral Attorney, shall not be subject to the fee limitations set forth in the maximum fee schedule, but instead, Participating Referral Attorney(s) agree to accept, as their fee in those cases, the following reductions from the standard contingency fees approved by the Court of the applicable state.

  • Twenty percent (20%) reduction if case is settled prior to Examination Before Trial.
  • Ten percent (10%) reduction if case is settled after Examination Before Trial or if tried to conclusion.

Identity Theft:
The National Legal Office will provide advice to Covered Individuals on the Federal laws governing identity theft and will offer Covered Individuals comprehensive advice on how best to avoid having their identity stolen. About the Legal Service Plan.

*Except professional malpractice.