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When you purchase a Solar Power System through American Solar Power you:

  • Own a solar power system
  • Receive a 10-15% discount of current market prices
  • Save $1,000 to $2,000 per year on electricity costs
  • Increase your home’s value by an average of $30,000 or more
  • Contribute to the environment by reducing carbon emissions

About American Solar Partners:

American Solar Partners has been designing, supplying, and installing high quality solar power systems for more than 10 years. American Solar Partners uses American-made solar modules and works with union installers only.
PEF Membership Benefits Program offers active, dues-paying PEF members and retirees a special discount on the purchase of a Solar Power System. PEF members can own a solar power system with no money out of pocket. State and federal grants, along with tax credits, normally cover about two-thirds of the total cost of a system. Any existing balance can be financed with a low-cost (3.49%) loan. PEF members also receive a 10% to 15% discount from American Solar Partners on current market prices.

Solar Power System – Own or Lease:

American Solar Partners offers ownership of solar power systems because ownership generates three times more savings on average than leasing. All systems from American Solar Partners include:

  • 25-year equipment warranties
  • Internet-based monitoring system to track output (kWh) and savings
  • Grid-tied systems so members have power when the sun goes down

Own/Lease Comparison


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Here are some questions to consider for your solar power installations:

  • Does your roof get exposure to the sun?
  • Is there an area on the ground nearby that gets exposure to the sun?
  • How much shade do you get on your roof?
  • Can trees be pruned to allow more sun light to the solar installation site?

Frequently Asked Questions About Going Solar

All regional vendors are subject to an application and investigation process before their presentation for approval by the Board of Trustees of the PEF Membership Benefits Program. Nonetheless, as thorough as this process may be, there is never an Assurance. Consequently, the PEF Membership Benefits Program makes no representation as to the quality or competitiveness of the products and services provided by any regional vendor represented on this website. Each PEF member and eligible depending is responsible for making his/her own decision about the use of regional vendors and should compare prices and services to find the most suitable providers.